Right slackline tension

Which is the right tension to prevent the ratchet’s breaking?

The ratchet can’t be broken just by hand: Spider Slacklines guarantees, in fact, a working load of 1,500 kg! In any case, there isn’t a right or wrong tension, but only the one that each slackliner prefers. Slackline’s world is full of exercises: this means that it requires commitment, effort and many attempts: different tensions will help you to find the best match for your workout.

Expert tip

If you are interested in a line without tension, the Rodeo Line is the answer! Set the Slackline’s ends at a height of two meters, at least (depending on to the length of the line), without tension: it will be very slack and will form a U shape. Try the balance exercises on it! The webbing is completely slack, free from any tension, like a hammock. Discover the thrill of walking a Rodeo!



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