"Because the theory can be learnt by studying books and observing,
but the practice can’t." Aristotele

Structure, purpose and participants

The Slackline and Highline training courses, which will take place on three (3) different dates during the year, will give you the opportunity to learn from industry experts, to interact with them and to put into practice what you have learnt: all this to recognize the risks associated with the Highline. 

Anchors, tension, triloading, knots, slippage, remount, catch, climbing the leash, backup ... all this and more in a full immersion of Highline from dawn to dusk

  • Beginners who already know how to walk a Slackline of at least 20 m but who have no experience with the Highline;
  • Experienced practitioners who are able to master Slacklines of at least 50 m and who have already had one or more experiences of Highline but who want to acquire more technical knowledge and learn the safety manoeuvres;
  • Highline Experts who want to expand their knowledge, to interact with specialists and who are looking for increasingly improved safety techniques.

Later in the day, two Spider Slacklines and Slackline Italia instructors will be involved in recommending the exercises most appropriate to the experience of the individual participant: we want our Slackline and Highline training to be a targeted and useful experience in relation to the characteristics and to the level of experience of each participant.

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