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#ITC Italian Trickline Championship

Milan 22-23 April 2017

#ITC Italian Trickline Championship

Milan 22-23 April 2017


Italian Trickline Championship

Milan 22-23 April 2017

The ITC (Italian Trickline Championship) is by far the best-known and most important for fans of tricklining of all the Slacklining events around. It’s the first national competition with different stages around Italy, and each year the new Italian champion of Trickline is named. The championship, organised by the association Slackline Italia, is supported by all major Italian Slackline associations and is also sponsored by Spider Slacklines and Rock Experience. This competition aims to choose the Italian Trickline champion, using a set of official rules.

New for 2017


Open Trickline Contest

The OTC (Open Trickline Contest) is new for 2017! The new open format for Slackline contests and, in particular, Trickline contests! Would you like to host a Slackline competition in your city? Are you organising an event and looking for a spectacular show to make it special? Do you know some slackliners or trickliners and want to attract other practitioners for a competition? Then the OPEN TRICKLINE CONTEST #OTC is the opportunity you’ve been looking for! A real, official competition, with judges and contest rules: even though it’s not part of the #ITC championship circuit, the same prizes are still up for grabs and a winner is chosen for every competition. A day of entertainment and fun guaranteed for the participants and especially for the spectators! Spider Slacklines is always looking for partners to organise competition stages all over Italy!

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Slacklining is the key to a healthy and fun activity that unites people from all over the world: join the largest young community of Slacklining enthusiasts! Do you feel like a freestyle athlete and want to take up acrobatic Tricklining? Do you love the world of Yoga or meditation and want to get to know yourself through Longlining? Do you want to experience the thrill of walking at high altitudes on a Highline or the excitement of taming a Rodeo Line? We’ll let you in on a secret: your habitat exists, and it’s right here! Hang on tight, you're about to enter the suspended world of Spider Slacklines!

eventi slackline aquafan

Aquafan - Riccione

15 August 2016

We were guests at Aquafan in Riccione: water, sun and swimsuits! And who says that you can only jump into the pool from a springboard? Find out what you can do with Spider’s Water Line!

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slackline stranavigli 2016

Stranavigli - Milan

10/11/12 June 2016

The walk along the Navigli can be romantic, but so can Spider: we were at StraNavigli 2016 and we walked suspended over the waters of the Milanese canal! When else would we get the chance to do something like that?

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ITC Meeting - Milan

23 April 2016

The Milanese leg of the Italian Trickline Championship (ITC) was a success! We at Spider Slacklines are always in the front row as sponsors, and more importantly, as fans! Competing at the highest level!

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