For Slackliners, chosen by Slackliners.
Does your life revolve around Slacklining? We have the same passion and your safety is our business! We design and manufacture Italian and French-made products that are designed specifically for slacklining. We are the first ones to use our products, which are carefully tested by professional athletes. We slackline and so we understand the needs and preferences of slackliners: thanks to Spider Slacklines’ variable-elasticity webbing, you can work on developing balance and control of your body. Practice your favourite sport, choosing from Tricklining, Longlining and Highlining!


In life you have to know how to keep your feet on the ground......when you don't have them on webbing!
Slacklining can be an intense sports activity, a fun world, an art, or even a way of life: depending on your attitudes and skills, you choose whether to walk on a Slackline tied between two trees in a park, whether to jump and perform manoeuvres on a Trickline defying the laws of physics, or whether to walk hundreds of meters along a Longline or Highline suspended between mountain peaks! Spider Slacklines puts a wide range of professional equipment, images, demo videos, detailed descriptions and valuable tips for the more and the less experienced at your disposal.


Once you have learnt it, a trick ... it's forever!
Tricklining is the branch of slacklining dedicated to lovers of dynamic movement, of freestyle and of acrobatics on webbing. Trickline means fun but also constancy and exercise: repeat once, repeat twice… and then again and again! Test yourself, exceed your limit and become a master of tricklining: learn every combo and compare yourself with other athletes that are as passionate as you are. Check out the Spider Slacklines webbing specifications developed and tested by great freestyle experts and reach the pinnacle of excitement in slacklining.


Do you like walking barefoot? Love the sense of freedom?
Looking for thrills?
Then there’s no doubt, Spider Slacklines’ 2.5cm (1”) webbing will drive you crazy! But let's call them by their actual name, “Longlines”! Check out all our LONGLINE KITS, ideal for beginners; here are a few of them: FLY line 25 KIT; PRIMITIVE 30 KIT; FLY 50 KIT; MINI DOUBLE KIT; SLACKIMOUFLE QUAD KIT. All that’s left is to dive into the world of Spider-branded slacklining and look for the Longline that suits you best!


When passion for slackline, the line, the feeling of hovering over the abyss and madness meet, you feel a huge adrenaline rush. All of a sudden you look down and you realise you’re on a Highline.
The greatest ambition of all slackliners is to walk through the void, thereby reaching the maximum physical and mental intensity you can aspire to in this sport: this is the world of Highlining, and it’s not for everyone! Slacklining at high altitudes is fun, but also dangerous! Have fun practising your favourite sport, knowing you can count on a loyal companion: Spider Slacklines’ equipment will put your mind at ease!


We are committed slackliners and we’ve made it our job, too, but first and foremost, we are men and women who love playing sports, the outdoor lifestyle and moving around in complete freedom.
Trousers, t-shirts, hoodies and all other items of Spider Slacklines-branded clothing are designed for the needs of an athlete who practices slacklining. Only if we decide we like them personally do these technical clothes become part of the Spider clothing range. The practicality and comfort of these products will surprise you: choose the best item for you from a wide range of types, materials, features and colours. Spider Slacklines guarantees total comfort when slacklining, all whilst staying functional!

High quality equipment for slacklining: that is our goal

A poor-quality product should never be part of a Slacklining kit. You should be the first to judge quality of the products you choose: we are too when we make the commitment to produce only the best safety equipment available for slacklining. We like to practise this exciting sport, but neither security nor materials are anything to mess with. Always inform yourself about the risks you run, especially those that aren’t easily predictable: this is why you should ALWAYS refer to experienced athletes and go through a training course on safety on the Highline; it will prove very useful for you to practise 100% safe slacklining.

Please help to constantly improve our slacklines!

The most successful products originate from the simplest ideas, although continuous improvement of the products takes time and perseverance: help us, with suggestions and tips, to raise our levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction and fun even further! We at Spider Slacklines seriously take into account what our customers and slacklining fans think: we will do our best to put them into practice and make your “dream product”.
Never stop slacklining!

The difference is Spider Slacklines

"We want to produce the best equipment for all slackline-lovers, sport fans and the environment. That's why we only use high-quality materials: our products are carefully selected and subjected to rigorous safety tests. We make more lightweight, durable and functional objects. We focus on efficiency and simplicity, at all stages of production and development."

Spider Slacklines follows 4 fundamental principles that inspire us on a daily basis for research and development: quality, safety, ethics, community.

We never rest on our laurels and always strive to continue to ensure only the best products for Slacklining, Tricklining, Longlining and Highlining.
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