A slackline love story.
Our approach stems from our dedication to a discipline, our passion for a sport, the pleasure we take in practising it together with other people, as well as our ambition to make it better and safer for us and for those who share our love for the line. Welcome to our dream: it's called Spider Slacklinesand and was born in the province of Bergamo in 2012 as the first Italian company born out of a passion for the world of Slackline.


I’m a lover of all outdoor sports, including skiing and climbing that I practise in the valleys of Bergamo, the area where I grew up. In 2008, after a serious snowboarding accident, I discovered the Slackline: it was just by chance, and I took it up precisely because of its astonishing efficacy in self-treatment of muscular pain. Since then, the Slackline has become a constant in all my training, and later - more accurately, in 2012 - Spider Slacklines was born. Although now the company has a large team of professional athletes who can help us constantly improve the performance and quality of Spider’s products, I never stopped personally testing the products we make.


Skiing in winter, cycling in summer... and obviously running all year round! I’m a lover of outdoor sports as well as communication. My love and dedication for Slacklining, in particular, have been the glue that brought all my passions together. I’ve been actively present in Spider Slacklines since it was founded in 2012 and I strive daily to try to convey the emotions that the magical webbing in turn transmits to me. We are fortunate to have a team of experienced and trained athletes, accompanying us on this wonderful journey, one challenge after another: together, both on the webbing and in freestyle competitions!
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