The best elastic webbing for trickline

Slackline trickline is a discipline of the Slacklining with tricks and jumps that all slackliner loves to try.

If you are a lover of gymnastics and jumps, the TRICKLINE is the shop area dedicated to you, with all the specific products for extreme balance training and aerial acrobatics.

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Linelock trickline webbing blockerBUCKLE WEBLOCK allows to install a trickline with a pulley system without the use of ratchets.This LINELOCK for trickline it's easy to use just like a belt...

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SLACKYMOUFLE QUAD TRICKLINE KIT Our SLACKYMOUFLE is an optimized pulley system (dimensions and weight) which has been designed and produced specifically for Jumpline, Trickline and Kongline use....

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BACKUP KIT for slackline The BACKUP KIT has been designed to fix the ratchet of your Slackline to an anchor. This system allows to protect the user and anyone around them in case of accidental...

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Slow Release for slackline Slow release is a system to slowly detension your slackline, especially suited for tricklining set-ups. After your training, open simply the velcro closing system and...


Choose the right trickline to get started

In the TRICKLINE KIT section you will find all the freestyle trickline sets, and our pick to start jumping is PRO LINE slackline 20 m.

If you feel ready for the highest level, TRICK LINE is the 25 m slackline line to immediately reach the training standard of professional athletes.

The trick line is pure fun, the extreme side of slack lining. Follow the Spider Slackline athletes during their workouts and championship to learn more about.  


Are there any trickline accessories?

If you have a line and you want to upgrade your slackline kit you will need the help of TRICKLINE SLACKLINE ACCESSORIES AND SPARE PARTS such as MANDINGO the slackline XXL ratchet with double lever to significantly increase the tension of your line and reach the maximum thrust that athletes are looking for.

If you already have two ratchets, you may want to try a new webbing, so in the new webbing. In the TRICKLINE WEBBING section you'll find the WEBBING ROLL products: only webbing without end sewn hole and without ratchet.

Do not forget the BACKUP KIT, a safety rope which allows the ratchet to be secured in case of accidental break of the line due to contact with sharp or abrasive surfaces. BACK UP is important when starting to jump with high tension, it is a very important safety device.