Team Spider

We at Spider Slacklines work together with various professionals in the sector with whom we share a passion and love for the webbing: the Spider slackline team. Not only that, but thanks to these expert athletes we can also test and continually improve our professional products, always with respect for nature and the environment. When professional and amateur slackliners share ideas and experiences, the result can only ever be excellent. Only the best athletes and only the best equipment (made in Italy) with Spider Slacklines!

Team Spider

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We have a clear idea of the way we do slacklining, tracklining and highlining: For us, Slackline is also a love of nature and of the environment. Our generation is the first to face the effects of the global ecological crisis and we must therefore find ways to keep environments in their natural state in which to practice our passion without contamination. We are concentrating production efforts so that our products have a minimum environmental impact, thereby reducing waste. Spider Slacklines is sponsoring the sustainable practice of this amazing discipline: therefore join the Spider Slacklines team in this effort and have fun in the open air, preserving the trees and the environment!

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