Slacklining is an activity that brings people together: join the largest community to have fun with this wonderful sport! Do you feel like a freestyle athlete and want to take up acrobatic tricklining? Or do you love the world of yoga and introspection through the longline, the highline, or the rodeo line? What are you waiting for? Get ready to start your journey into the wonderful world of slacklining!
If slackline wraps one ratchet side

What if the Slackline wraps at one ratchet side, scratching the edge; does it mean that it's defective?

It doesn’t mean that your Slackline is broken or defective. When you get more familiar with the Slackline’s ratchet, you won’t have to think about the wrong wrapping anymore.

Expert tip

Check the 50-mm wide webbing, sewn on the ratchet bolt: it must be in the center position when tensioned. Make sure that the webbing is not displaced on one of the two sides, because it will tend to twist. Then check the long webbing, which is inserted into the ratchet roller slot: it must be absolutely cantered as well. After the first ratchet pulling, check again the alignment of both webbing on the ratchet. Make manually adjustments, moving the webbing right or left. If even after the re-alignment the webbing position is wrong, open the Slackline’s ratchet and start from beginning. You will soon get confident with this and won’t think about that anymore!