25 mm slackline and 50 mm slackline

I saw the 25-mm webbing: is there a big difference of between the 25-mm Slackline and the 50-mm one?

Yes, the 25-mm (1 inch) Slackline is more challenging than the 50-mm (2 inches) one.

The first provides a greater contact surface, therefore it’s more suitable for a beginner. For long distances (more than 30 m), however, only the 25-mm lines are suitable for walking. This narrow webbing allows you to have a greater sensitivity. In fact, thanks to the reduced thickness (just 1 inch) the foot comes out slightly from the edges of the line, and force you to position better on it.

Expert tip

Before ordering the webbing, it’s necessary to consider the use and the need. A beginner who does not walk long distances, would walk better on a 50-mm (2 inches) line. On the contrary, the 25-mm (1 inch) line will be more suitable for an expert longliner.



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