06. Is there is a minimum diameter of the tree to anchor the Slackline?

Remember that anchoring to trees, poles and other fixed points, are subjected to a different strength depending on where Slackline run its strength. The higher you'll position the webbing, the stronger the force exerted on tree. The diameter of the support (e.g. the tree) must therefore be chosen considering these three factors: the length of the line, the height at which the same is located and the power depending on the weight and the movements of the slackliners. Minimum diameter is 30 cm.

Expert tip

Spider Slacklines suggests using eco-friendly tree protection to avoid excessive pressure on the tree and protect the bark. If you do not have trees with a diameter larger than 30 cm, you should set the line as close as possible to the base of the tree trunk. Then use the appropriate stands to lift the Slackline. In this way, it will reduce greatly the force applied on the tree.




“To engage in the art of balance, you’ll need determination and a flexible and elastic length of webbing, between 2.5 and 5cm wide, stretched between two anchor points (eg. two trees, but it could be anywhere). In addition to walking, you can also do jumps and tricks on the Slackline, depending on what speciality you choose between Tricklining, Longlining and Highlining”.




“... the Longline is not just a length of webbing over 30 metres long, it’s a journey: tell the truth, you never thought that a line just 2.5cm wide would be enough! This long line has no real limits, only the ones you set yourself. To learn, you’ll require particular skills and concentration: your line can be taut or slack, depending on the level of difficulty and the type of activity you want to perform. Your long webbing will take you far... the current record is only 1,020m! Think you can do better?”




“...Highline is height, excitement, adrenaline and vertigo...! Highlining is the most extreme expression of slacklining around, practised with a particular kind of webbing installed very high up: between 7 and 1000m. How can you learn to walk suspended in the void, on top of the world, at a height that would be fatal if you fell without a safety line? It’s definitely an activity for experts, and certainly not for the faint of heart...!”


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