When replace slackline

How often should I replace my Slackline?

Before you set up your Slackline, it is good to check if you must replace your webbing: you should consider the frequency of use. With regular use (once a week), the Slackline should be replaced after 1 year. The life of the webbing depends on several factors: the use (or misuse), the contact with water (especially if salted water), the exposure to the sun, the atmospheric agents, the temperature, the dust and the dirt. If your webbing has abrasions greater than 2 mm, you must replace it immediately. When you don’t use your Slackline, keep it clean, in a dark and dry place.

Expert tip

It’s fundamental, when you learn how to mount a slackline, to check the correct wrapping of the webbing into the ratchet roll. It is equally important that the line does not rub against trees, rocks, etc. Therefore, we recommend you to use always the tree protections.



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