Trickline i want to jump

My Trickline is not bouncing, I want to jump as shown in the videos; how can I do that?

The Slackline tricks that you see in our videos, made using a Slackline PRO or TRICK, are performed by professionals, using the same items available in the shop. For proper execution of the tricks, it is necessary that the slackliner have appropriate experience; not only: the webbing must have the right tension.

Expert tip

To improve your technique in the execution of the Slackline tricks, you should watch the Spider Slacklines Flash Trick Series, in our website. To tension your Trickline, you'll need two ratchets, one for each end of the webbing: pull the smallest ratchet first and after the bigger one - HUMMER or MANDINGO. Remember to do always the BackUp. Pay great attention to the set-up, make sure it's done correctly, as described in the manual.



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