Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline
  • Tree Protection Xl Slackline



Slackline accessory to protect the trees and your Spider Slackline.

  • Includes: 2x Tree Protection XL, 200 cm length, 12,5 cm width;
  • 4 vertical removable stripes to withstand slackline or sling;
  • Strong and resistant fabric to scratches and pressure;
  • Set up around the tree with velcro-closing.

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The 2 Tree Protection Slackline is tool made of high tesistent materials, that allows the protection of the bark of the tree and avoid the chafing of the slackline.
These products are easy to install thanks to the spacial velcro device. You can carry them with the SLING BAG Spider Slacklines.

This XL Kit is the most complete. Its lenght of 2 metres allow the use of the biggest trees.
Furthermore, with its four vertical removal velcro stripes, you can withstand slackline or sling suring the tensioning phase. In this way you don't have to care about their fixing.

TREE PROTECTION Slackline are eco-friendly

Spider Slacklines really cares about the environment and recommend the use of these Protection System in order to avoid any damage to the bark of the trees. 
They are designed to allow the practice of this Sport in a sustainable way.

How much the trees suffer?

Practicing the slackline without the necessary precautions can results extremely harmful to trees. Indeed thrughout the Europe we can easily find some municipal or local parks in which the Slackline activity has been banned. These bans and prohibitions are the consequences of the careless of some peoples.

Our Protection System greately exceeds the minimum requirements for the prevention and the guarantee of safety for the trees.

Your behaviour is really important becouse it might affects all the community of Slackliners, who can limited in their practice activity by the restrinction caused by the infringiment of the park's rules.

The coiche of tree

The choise of the trees really important. Follow this simple pecautions to select the proper tree:

The diameter of the must be at least of 35 cm;
The bark must have an high thickness, becouse the low bark tress are the weakest.

Pay special attention to the choise of the tree in the flowering period between January and May.
Indeed this is the period in which the tree creates aa membrane in which flows the sap.

Are these TREE PROTECTION usable with all the slacklines?

Yes, of course. This protection system can be used with the 5 cm and with longline 2,5 cm width slackline. Furthermore you can use the SLING instead of Slackline when you install a Trickline or Longline system.

Important: Don't use a rope as a slackline's anchor. Infact its limited surface does not avoid the tree damage. 
Moreover we suggest o avoid the contact between a rope and the bark.


Data sheet

2 m
Velcro closing + velcro stripes


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Great product roll up really neat and the velco straps help keep the sling in place well.

star star star star star

Molto utili

Sono molto utili se a montare la slackline sei da solo, con il velcro di colore rosa e verde ti aiuta a tenere in posizione la slcakline, in più ti può aiutare a ricordare da che parte hai posizionato il moschettone

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Beh, forse non indispensabile ma se anche tu tieni alla natura e vuoi evitare di lasciare abrasioni su tutti gli alberi a cui ti appoggi col rischio inoltre di essere allontanato da qualche parco o suolo pubblico e soprattutto non vuoi rovinare la tua attrezzatura allora questo è sicuramente il prodotto per te!!

star star star star star

Molto utili

Essendo poco ingombranti si portano anche in piccoli zaini, altro punto a favore è la lunghezza del tree protection che mi ha permesso di applicarlo anche a castagni molto grandi.

star star star star star


non solo proteggono il vostro materiale da abrasione e usura, ma salvaguardano anche la superficie alla quale vi appoggiate, soprattutto se si tratta di piante! Unico contro, i listelli di velcro in mesi di utilizzo perdono un po' di grip

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