Pulley, rotating device in continuous technological evolution

The pulley is a simple rotating device, used to move loads since ancient times. The lifting pulleys, greatly amplifying man's strength, allowed to move columns, drag blocks, pull ships, etc.

The maximum mechanical advantage in the use of a pulley would be in the theoretical condition of zero friction. So the lower the friction generated the better the quality of the pulley.

The evolution of materials and production technologies have transformed the pulley into highly efficient and performing devices. In this section of the shop you will find all the best pulleys with bearing to build a rope pulley system for Longline and highline.

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MINI DOUBLE PULLEY MINI DUO is an optimized pulley system (dimensions and weight) which has been designed and calculated for longline and waterline use. Which is the right rope lenght? The length...

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SLACKIMOUFLE QUAD pulleys Slackimoufle is an optimized dimension and weight pulley which has been designed and calculated for longline and trickline use. Which is the right rope lenght? The length...

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AIDMAN slackline slider  Aidman pulley is a great assistant to tension a slackline by self-locking system. The friction is minimized and the efficiency of tensioning grows rapidly when the AIDMAN...


What is the difference between the mobile pulley and the fixed pulleys?

If when pulling on the rope your pulley stay in its initial place, it is a fixed one. If it moves then you have a mobile tensioning pulleys system. A mobile pulley is offering more power to a pulley system than a fixed one.

In the slackline you always work with mobile pulleys and brake as the required tension is very high and the pulley system must always be under control in all phases: tensioning, use, release of tension.


The small pulleys for multiplier

In the slackline a single person strenght would never be enough, due to this you need to multiply it.

The multipliers are simply single pulleys connected to the last rope of the pulley system to increase the efficiency of tension by multiplying the theoretical work with a ratio of 3:1 (multipling 3 times the applied force), 9:1 (9 times the applied force), up to a maximum of 27:1.


Double, triple, quadruple pulley and self-locking pulleys

The pulley can be with a multiple number of wheels or rotating bearings to obtain advanced and even more efficient system.

In the shop you will find the SPIDER SLACKLINE pulleys: ROLLEX carabiner pulley, MINI DOUBLE pulley, SLACKIMOUFLE QUAD pulley. Furthermore, the best CAMP and PETZL pulleys, and the opening pulleys from CLIMBING TECNOLOGY such as the ORBITER T double pulleys and the ORBITER H and ORBITER L triple pulleys.

Find out in the shop which is the perfect pulley for you.


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