Steel and aluminum carabiner

Steel carabiners were born in the early 1800s with uses in the war and work fields, while the diffusion of the climbing carabiner started after the Second World War when, in Italy and France, the production of mountain carabiner began with a new material: light aluminum alloy (ergal). Since then, developments have continued with the introduction of new shapes (oval, pear, asymmetric, etc) and some details such as an automatic snap gate (quick opening carabiner).

The slackline uses the oval shaped, because load force is equal on both sides. The carabiner can connect TENSIONING DEVICES (pulleys, brakes, etc) or it can be used in a primitive pulley system. In the slackline are used both steel carabiner, for high strenght and his resistance to repeated stress movements, and aluminium carabiner for their extreme lightness.

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STEEL CARABINER OVAL SCREW NUT  The Climbing Technology ‘s Steel Oval Carabiner is a MADE IN ITALY product of high quality, singularly tested. The screw nut makes the carabiner safe, even under...

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Steel carabiner D screw nut  The Steel Carabiner D shape Climbing Technology, is MADE IN ITALY superior product. Each product is then tested individually to ensure maximum safety and reliability....

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Carabiner Aluminium LIME S  The light carabiner for your multiuse in slacklining The Carabiner Aluminum D-shape Climbing Technology, is a superior MADE IN ITALY product.Each carabiner is...

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Carabiner Aluminum Oval  The Carabiner Aluminum Oval Climbing Technology, is a MADE IN ITALY superior product: the quality control guaranteed tracking of raw materials used. Without the nut on the...

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Steel carabiner for slackline multiplier This steel slackline carabiner, is a product designed and dedicated for use as Slackline multiplier connector. WLL: 0,3kn - 300kg Warning Never use this...


Is an oval carabiner better with or without screw nut?

Carabiners can be divided into two main groups: carabiner with screw nut and without screw. The screw gate carabiner, once closed, prevents accidental opening of the gate. This avoid accidental situations that lever will open with the movement, generating a risky situation or even breakage of the carabiner. A lever locked with a ring nut overcome this problem.

The lighter normal gate carabiner without screw is preferred in those cases where you are reasonably sure that there will be no risk of accidental opening, or if occur is a low risk event.

It is used, for example, for the multiplier of a primitive system, or to connect other secondary parts to the pulley system or as a simple key holder to the backpack or harness.


Keylock carabiner for slacklining

All Spider Slackline only chose KEY-LOCK system (catch-free) so the contact point between the carabiner gate and the body is completely smooth, without any hook for gate lever. The KEY-LOCK system avoids to hang up in the webbing when you open or close the gate.


The carabiner keyring or material holder

There is a small carabiner keychain, called carabiner key ring, that is a good rigging gear holder but does not support a person's weight can't be used as an protective equipment, but is very useful because it is light and cheap, and makes easyer transport of the gears.


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