Omega, Twisted, Form D stainless steel shackles, Dyneema soft shackles and galvanized lifting shackles

Shackles are exceptional connectors for heavy loads like in a longlining or tricklining. They are very simple to handle and unlike carabiners, they are allowed to work in tridirectional loading, for example with the use of ROUND SLING SPANSET around a tree.

In this section of the shop you will find all the best lifting shackle connectors.

The stainless steel shackle in forged and mirror polished have shapes: bow shackle, straight D shackles or a 90° twisted.

The galvanized bow shackles in forged steel are more rough in the finishes, but always excellent in resistance properties.

Last the soft shackle connector in dyneema with extremely light weight, but very high load capacity.

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Soft Shackle from Dyneema If you don't know this connector yet, expect to be positively surprised. Soft shackles are the lightest connectors available, but also one of the strongest,  due to its 16...

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D Shackles very resistant and light The shackles are perfect for connecting a narrow surface (such as both ends for the pulley) with a large flat part (as the loop of the rope). Technical sheet...

€1.62 €3.24

Choose the size of the steel shackle for your rigging gear set

In product page you will find the available dimensions for each shackles.

Some of the stainless shackle have the captive pin to not dropt it from the body when it is unscrewed.

Read the expert's advises to find the right size that you need.


The breacking strenght of the slackline equipment shackles

In each shackle shop page are reported the breaking strenght in kN and the suggested working limit load is named WLL (Working Limit Load).

The data sheet informations are obtained from laboratory tests with optimal working conditions. In conditions of real use, various external factors may modify the resistance of the connector, for example the anchors not aligned with the working direction of the shackles, or external surfaces in contact during movement that interfere with the system.

Mind to ask for a slackline rigging equipment technician advice to avoid an improper use of the product.


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