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Anchor kit for Slackline in an open ground without trees.

  • 3 heights frame: 30cm, 50cm, 70cm;
  • All ground: grass, pebble, compact sand, snow;
  • It doesn't damage the garen;
  • 15 min set up time;
  • Includes: 2x A frames, 2x outdoor plate, 4x nail, 1x manual.

  • Are you unsatisfied? You can return the product within 7 days from the order. Are you unsatisfied? You can return the product within 7 days from the order.


Outdoor kit Spider Slackline 100% Made in Italy is the final solution to the problem of the lack of trees when you want to install a slackline. It has been designed for any type of ground such as grass, pebble, compact sand and even snow.

It comes with two solid frame that allow you to adjust the slackline in 3 heights (30, 50, 70cm) without having to disassemble and reassemble the slackline to move from one level to another.

Grass, pebble, or even snow!

Installation is simple by following the instructions in the box or watching the product video by Spider Slackline. The nails are designed to easily enter into the ground as you can see from the video, and when you've finished using the slackline, the ground is compressed and will leave out the nails freely without ruining your garden!

Forget about the holes dug to bury bulky anchors in the ground. OUTDOOR Kit is the solution to enjoy the slackline with family and friends.

OUTDOOR kit does not contain the Slackline that must be purchased separately, so we advise you to choose Spider WHITE LINE 15m and you will have everything needed for assembly.


Data sheet

13 kg
Set includes: 2x Frames, 2x Plates, 4x Nails and manual.
Scatola 60 x 6 x 70 cm


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Great value!

I only used it for a few weeks at then end of the summer but it's just perfect in a treeless garden :-)<br /> Bases hold strong in the ground. The wooden parts have to be carefully set in place unless one might fall. This happened to me once and it feels a bit scary but in the end it only makes the slackline fall from 50cm height and it's not that fast, so absolutely no risk there.<br /> In the end for a decent price I can slack all day long in the garden, that's just great!

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Is there a max weight limit for person using this kit? Is it designed for a child or anyone?

Outdoorkid is design for any child and aduld below 100 kg. I use myself and I'm 75 kg!
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