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Backup, safety system for slacklinining.

Locks the ratchet and metal parts in the unlikely event of accidental webbing collapse.

  • 4mt total lenght;
  • 8mm static rope;
  • Rapid close with 8mm carabiner;
  • Breaking strenght 13 kN;
  • WLL 4 kN with safety factor: 3.

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BACKUP KIT for slackline

SPIDER SLACKLINES cares about safety first of all.
The BACKUP KIT has been designed to fix the ratchet of your Slackline to the anchor. This system allows to protect the safety of slackline users and anyone around them in case of accidental collapse of the system.

Tie the rope to the tree and hook the carabiner to the ratchet, so that, in case of unexpected break of the tape, the ratchet remains attached to the tree.

What does the BACK UP KIT contain?

The BACKUP KIT include a static rope with a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 4 meters with an 8 mm thick steel carabiner. BACKUP KIT is essential for all those who are dedicated to the dynamic slackline that requires high tensions and therefore a greater attention to safety.

Why is it advisable to always have the BACKUP KIT?

BACKUP KIT is very important to guarantee the safety in the use of the slackline. In the remote possibility that a components breaks, two situations might occur:

If it is a metal component to break, this could fly towards the anchor and the slackliner;

If the slackline break, the metal components can also fly towards the respective anchorages.

BACKUP KIT prevents the sudden release of slackline tension, and avoid the risk of accidents.

Some precautions during the installation of the BACKUP KIT

The use of this simple system requires compliance with some precautions:

The rope must completely wrap the tree and then attach to the ratchet;

Apply a tight knot to the backup rope, leaving the rope loose, without tension;

During the slackline tension, install the backup as soon as possible, remember that the break can occur at any time;

Follow the installation video for more details on using the backup.



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Se vuoi utilizzare la tua trick tranquillo, senza il pericolo di farti male, sicuramente il backup é un accorgimento importante. facile da agganciare, leggero e maneggevole insomma se ci tieni alla pelle ne vale sicuramente la pena!!

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La sicurezza prima di tutto

Sia a basse che ad alte tensioni della linea ritengo che la sicurezza sia primaria. Si monta velocemente e non richiede la conoscenza di nodi particolari quindi il mio consiglio è di usarlo ogni volta che si monta la propria slackline

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Utilizzo sempre le corde di backup per stare sicuro nelle alte tensioni.<br /> se ti vuoi bene, mettile sempre!

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