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Oval quick links zinc coated steel.

The oval shape and smooth surface makes it a universal connector for slackline, longline and highline.

  • 8 mm 35 kN: great to connect abrasion sensitive gear, like webbing sewn loops;
  • 10 mm 50 kN: to connect almost every gears: linelock, pulleys, backups, slings and multi point rock bolts anchor;
  • 12 mm 75 kN: the trongest, to connect in security: linelock, pulleys, backups, slings and multi point rock bolts anchor.

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Quick links

The quick link is cheaper and smaller than a carabiner and with the same size it is stronger, but at the same time it is less handy. The quick link is, therefore, a perfect connector for anything that is meant to be permanently installed, the alternative to the carabiners that are meant to be opened and closed repeatedly.

Quick links oval galvanized steel

The quick links are made of steel and are galvanized to prevent corrosion and oxidation when they remain in damp environments. In the case of salty marine environments, it is necessary to choose stainless steel quick links.

OVAL quick links

They are designed to work in linear loading and can also come twisted to connect elements rotated by 90 °. They are an alternative to carabiners and they are an excellent connector inside a pulley system or for a Highline set up.

Frequent uses:

  • Connect a static rope with a knot to the fixed part of the pulley;
  • To connect to an anchor plate;
  • Connect a static rope to the rock anchor plates for Highline (in case of round sling it is recommended to use Delta quick links);
  • Connect the backup line of a highline to the splitting points (T-Loop or Fractio);
  • Connect the sewn loops of the main highline.

Occasional uses:

  • Connect a round sling spanset to the pulley or to the line lock;
  • Together with a shackle it can become the lock pin of a line lock for a slackline.

Forbidden uses:

  • Trickline;
  • Equalize slings for a three-way work.

Technical sheet

Diameter 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm
Material Zinc coated steel
Shape Oval
Screw opening 12 mm 12 mm 16 mm
Inner width 17 mm 21 mm 23 mm
Working load WLL 7 kN 11 kN 15 kN
Breacking strength MBS 35 kN 50 kN 75 kN
Weight 77 gr 137 gr 234 gr
Certification CE, EN 12275
PPE product No
Individually tested No
Country of manufacture Taiwan


Always check that you have closed the quick links before use. If you forget closing, they may bend quickly when subjected to tension. For a permanent safety lock, they must be closed with a wrench. It is possible to use tape around the quick link if you intend to increase safety by leaving them permanently locked. Finger pressure strength is sufficient to use as a semi-permanent connector.

When you have finished using it, keep the quick link screw closed even when at rest. In fact, in the case of non-use for a long period of time, with exposure to open air, dust or atmospheric agents, the nut could get stuck.


Data sheet

Galvanised steel
CE, EN 12275


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