Slacklining and Event videos

 Slackline and Trickline: wherever and whenever you want!

Spider @Aquafan - Estate 2016 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider Skipass 2015 - #ITC 2015 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider - Alta Quota Official Video | © Spider Slacklines

Spider @Alta Quota 2015 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider @Rock Master Festival 2015 - 3° Tappa #ITC | © Spider Slacklines

Spider Slacklines 2014 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider Slacklines @Arco Rock Master 2014 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider Slacklines Team @Patablock 2014 | © Spider Slacklines

Slackline Meeting Milano 2014 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider Meeting di Milano 2013 - 2° | © Spider Slacklines

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At Spider Slacklines, we believe that this discipline is healthy for both body and mind. We are convinced that practising this sport in the company of others can make you feel good and help you to improve yourself in many ways, not just within the sport. That’s why we try to spread the word as much as possible about this exciting sport by meeting new athletes and creating a constantly-growing community. Spider shares its passion, as well as its expertise and professionalism!

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