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SLACKLINE - MANDINGO KIT SR XL | © Spider Slacklines

SLACKLINE - MANDINGO KIT SR | © Spider Slacklines

Spider SlackHouse 4 Promo | © Spider Slacklines

Spider SlackHouse3 Promo | © Spider Slacklines

Spider Outdoor Kit Promo Video | © Spider Slacklines

Spider SlackHouse 4.0 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider SlackHouse 3.0 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider Outdoor Kit | © Spider Slacklines

Spider Pro Slack Roll | © Spider Slacklines

Walking a Slackline means...

...having control over your body’s movement and instability in order to maintain your balance on the webbing. It requires training, dedication and desire to improve: just one step after another, keeping your feet straight, follow your webbing keeping your hands facing upwards, arms over your shoulders, ready to perform the micromovements needed to stabilise your body. Adjust the tension of your Slackline to increase the challenge and fun!

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