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It’s a long, long... line!

Spider EDGE Line - Promo Video @Spiazzi (Verona) | © Spider Slacklines

Spider LIME linelock breaking test | © Spider Slacklines

Spider CHILI 2.0 linelock breaking test | © Spider Slacklines

Spider MEKONG LONGLINE KIT | © Spider Slacklines

Spider PRIMITIVE line 50 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider PRIMITIVE line 30 | © Spider Slacklines

Spider QUATRON FX longline pulley system | © Spider Slacklines

Spider ATRAX & Atrax TOP Official Video | © Spider Slacklines

Spider FLY Line 35 Official Video | © Spider Slacklines

Walking a Longline means...

...walking a Slackline that’s longer than 30 metres with no upper limit. The degree of difficulty and instability obviously increase and, for this branch, you use webbing that is only 2.5cm wide. The tension of these lines is variable, to be decided by the longliner: just take for example the Rodeo Line, where there’s no tension at all and you have to tame an uncontrollable line! The Longline requires extreme concentration: even the slightest distraction can compromise the whole walk, even just one step away from the finish line.

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