Slackline Video Tutorial

We thought that showing you videos of the most difficult, entertaining and thrilling tricks was much better than wasting words trying to describe our expert athletes’ amazing feats! Static or dynamic tricks in the most unlikely locations and conditions! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! That’s how a real trickliner gets started!

Slackline Video Tutorial


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At Spider Slacklines, we believe in the disruptive force of this discipline, and we try to spread the word about this exciting sport as far and wide as possible, always meeting new people and creating an ever-growing community.


Slackline Products

The Slackline you’ve been looking for: reliable and durable, suitable for walks, jumps and professional tricks. Spider Slacklines makes all kinds of dreams come true: these dreams are thin, a couple of centimetres wide and just taut enough to perform tricks worthy of a true slackliner.


Longline Products

More than 30 metres long, this webbing is designed for long distances: in this speciality, only 2.5cm-wide webbing is used. The greater the length, the greater the instability and difficulty in keeping balance on the webbing. Try it for yourself!

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Feet straight, one in front of the other, hands facing upwards, arms over your shoulders, ready to perform the micromovements needed to stabilise your body. This is the first step on the Slackline: once you build your confidence, try your hand at lower tensions and longer lengths, to increase the difficulty and fun.

Get to know your line well and try out some tricks: infinite numbers of acrobatics (static and dynamic) in infinite combinations. In this case, the line’s length can vary from 10 to 25m, and it is never too high off the ground. These aerial exercises, if you look at them carefully, are very reminiscent of the progression of gymnasts on the balance beam: don't be surprised, slacklining and tricklining are activities for real athletes!

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